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Game Tunnel Version 3.0

Game Tunnel Version 3.0

April 19, 2012  |  Blog, Web Design

About the Client:

Game Tunnel is a website dedicated to the independent gaming scene. There are more than 30 independent games (indie games) released in a typical month which receive little if any media attention. These titles have, in the past, often been called shareware titles by the majority of the gaming websites, but the category Independent is a better moniker for them and it has been the one that we’ve used since Game Tunnel started in 2002.

About the Project:

As great as the Game Tunnel redesign was, it was not robust enough to retain readers. We retained the logos and color scheme from the original design, but review scores are now more clearly shown. This custom wordpress theme is also fully compatible with the Buddypress platform, creating an insane amount of social functions inside of the website.

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